Apples identified in 2016

Some of the fruit trees that we grew from grafted cuttings taken from old fruit trees in our neighbour’s garden in 2012 have produced fruit this year so we have taken the opportunity to get them identified.

Thanks go to the Northern Fruit Group members who identified the apples and were not fazed when unexpectedly faced with a large selection of apples at the end of their long and tiring weekend’s work at Harlow Carr RHS Gardens.

The apples identified so far are:

Allington Pippin
King of the Pippins
Lane’s Prince Albert
Laxton Superb
Newton Wonder

and also (tentatively) Lady Sudeley and Lord Derby.

Apparently this is a fairly typical apple selection for a late 19th/early 20th century estate garden.

There are photos of each of the samples of the apples used in this identification with captions showing individual apple varieties identified here.

Some of the trees that we have propagated have not yet fruited so we are looking forward to further fruits in years to come. We also hope to welcome members of the Northern Fruit Group for a visit to the gardens in the autumn of 2017 so that they can see what we have been doing and, perhaps, identify more varieties.

All work has been organised by the board and volunteer supervisors of Gisborough Priory Project and carried out by Gisborough Priory Project volunteers. The original grafting in 2012 was only possible with training and assistance from Helen Herring and her volunteers from the Wildflower Ark in Middlesbrough. We would like to thank Helen very much for all the time and effort she put into helping us as it made all the difference having someone guiding us along. In addition we would like to thank our neighbour, Eddie Rowe, for allowing us to take cuttings from the fruit trees on his area of the land, also part of the historic Gisborough Priory Gardens. Also thanks go to Yorkshire Gardens Trust for the small grant which covered half the costs of grafting the trees.